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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Colby's Visit to Malaysia

Colby is Min Chee's (overseas) colleague from Texas. He came to Malaysia for business. It's hard to believe that we are older than him. :)
He had 2 weekends free. The first weekend, we took him to Jeram Toi. We always think that Mat Salleh like nature. So we brought him to this water fall place, on the way to Jelebu.

He, being a "Mat Salleh" like to do all those crazy things. When he saw this log hanging like a bridge over the stream, he had to walk on the log to cross the stream.

Later we had dinner in my mother's house. Incidentally it was also during the Chinese New Year celebration.

The next weekend, we went to Port Dickson. We didn't swim. Just play around in the water.

Then later we went to City Park, Seremban 2. Colby tried all the "exercise equipment" there. He was like a kid. :)

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