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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kidz Safari-Setting up

Rachel Wong and I arrived at 10.15AM to help out with the Kidz safari setup. Qing, Jian and Matthew were already there. They all played truant saying that there would be nothing to do in school, it was better for them to help out in the setting up. Later more and more youths came and they were very helpful.
Frankie laboured the most. He hammered pieces of sticks into the ground and nailed the plywood animals onto the sticks.He set up a temporary backing for a 3 piece painted plywood, each plywood measured 4 feet X 8 feet.
We tried the games see if they worked or not. The "hook the bottle" games was difficult. We were deciding if 30seconds was enough for a round. It wasn't enough, even after 1 minute we were still struggling to hook the bottle.
Then we tried the crocodile alert game. A make-do fishing pole with a hook at the string's end was supposed to capture the crocodiles. Another hook was injected on top of the crocodile to make it easier for the kids. We found out that the crocodiles had the habit of overturning. Most of the crocodiles were more "dead" than alive.
We use raffia strings to create the jungle-like effect. It didn't look like a jungle at all, but it's better than nothing. The raffia strings were tied to a volleyball net. I bought it at carrefour for only RM3.00.
We decided to put up another net of strings because the compound was quite big. It was raining quite heavily, when we started on the 2nd net. It was done in less than 2 hours because there were many helpers.
Joel, who never did like his pictures taken surprised me by wanting to take with all the animals.

By the end of the day, all the animals are up and the games stall were all more or less ready. It was a tiring day. We had cell at night and I my eyes could hardly open. I slept at about 11pm.


Rachel said...

Thank God for the Youths. They pulled their weight in this event.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eunice
I really like your safari animals.
Do you still have them / need them? Can I buy them from you for my kids birthday celebration? Could you give me your email contact? Mine is sweedeepie@gmail.com