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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How short is short?

You are looking now at the back of my head. The older sister was trying very hard to stop the hair stylist from cutting my hair too short. I wanted it to be short... I mean I just only had a hair cut last month and it has become so unmanageable the last 2 weeks.

So this morning after my morning walk (yes, walk, not jog), I went to the hair saloon to have a hair cut. Then I went to the twin's house. Tusi greeted me. She said something like "Ai Yuh... potong rambut, pendek sangat" . Then the twin said, "you have never cut this short before". Oh well... My head feels much lighter... haha.

Mctc says it's too short. Mctc's mom said I look younger. (I AM young). Tusi said she wants to have this hair style when she balik kampung. (return to her hometown). Well, Tusi IS having this hairstyle, only thing, hers is curly.


Unknown said...

I thought you look pretty cool and more classy, with your new hairdo...a new look...very refreshing

euniceta said...

Thanks. I just wanted it short. :)