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Monday, September 1, 2008

Today's A Public Holiday!

And what did we do today? Most of us got up at 6AM (or earlier) for our morning walk.

A picture of the sky again. It looked like the wind was gathering all the clouds for a meeting. :)
There were 18 of us. The youths sacrificed their sleep and joined us today. Another (older) group
planned a hike up Gunung Datuk, while lazy people like us conquered Bukit Kepayang today. :). The main reason was 2 of the 5 drivers had an important meeting at 10AM.

Some of us are first timers to Bukit Kepayang.
Our 20 minutes walk up to the "summit" was shorter than the time we spent up on top. :)

A group photo before we descend. :)

Walking down was a breeze. Some of them sang Sunday school songs.

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@nne said...

wow the pictures are SO nice! I must have it!