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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Rain Came

Malaysia experiences tropical weather and it's basically hot and wet the whole year through. The west coast of Peninsular Malaysia experiences a rainy season from September to December and the east coast, from October to February. As for East Malaysia, it collects heavy rain between November and February.

Basically, if you are in any part of Malaysia in the months of November and December, you should expect rain. Seremban is on the West Coast of Malaysia and should experience rain from September onwards. But it has been so hot these past few weeks. I longed for rain and prayed very hard for the weather to change. My prayers were answered. It rained for the past 2 afternoons. The rain cooled the town of Seremban (not sure about the other parts of the country) and I'm sure many of us enjoyed the cool weather. PTL!


Unknown said...

yes, the afternoon rains certainly help to cool off the ambient temperature. We also save a bit on the airconditioning at night..

Unknown said...

Best of all, my garden has its bath... and the birds come out chirping after the rain...what a sight and what a sound....hurray for rain...I love it..one of the pleasures in life

Anonymous said...

I can send you some rain if needed - we have had a lot of it lately. (The temperature of +2 degrees of Celsius included!)

euniceta said...

Korpun - I love cold weathers. I don't mind if the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius. :)