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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sick The Day I Came Back From Melbourne

My body temperature was 37.5C the day I came back from Melbourne. Feeling a bit worried, I drank a soluble vitamin C tablet and drank at least 2 cups of of water with Manuka Active5 honey.

I slept for a while as soon as I reached home. At 1.30pm out stomachs told us that we had to have something to eat. We went to Ah Seng coffee shop to eat "chee cheong fun." Later I went to my mom's house for a while, while Mctc visited his mom at the nursing home.

We went home again, and I read a book till it was time to go to sleep. My temperature was between 37.2C - 37.5C, but I was having slight cough and sore throat. This reminds me very much of my cough after the Kinabalu climb last year.

The first thing I did when I woke up the next day (which is today) was to check my temperature again. This time it was 35.7C. Yay!!!!! I went to church in the morning and shopped at Tesco after that. In the evening I went for a walk at the Lake Gardens, tested my new hiking boots there too. It was very comfortable.

At night we celebrated a belated Mother's Day with my mom in a restaurant near my house.

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