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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Climbing Apek Hill for the 1st Time

It's been quite some time since I last went for a hike. Early this month I went for a get-together dinner in the La Bodega, Pavallion with my hiking friends. One of the topics discussed was climbing Apek Hill in Cheras. We had a show of hands to see whether to set the date on the 25th June or the 2nd July. Most of us were free on the 25th June, so we blocked of the date mentally. Oh, I'm certain that ALL of us did not set it in our appointment books or electronic devices because ALL the KL friends had some form of excuse not to climb when the day drew nearer.

We made Kang Bee to leader that time because she has been to Apek Hill before but a few days before the 25t h, she emailed to say that she sprained her leg. After that another KL friend said he couldn't make it and then slowly one by one everyone gave their excuses.

Now Danny, a friend from my hometown, was a bit anxious. After the email from Kang Bee, he asked if the trip would be cancelled. I told him that it was still on because I've asked Johnny, another friend who has been there before to lead us. And it was a plus that Johnny stayed very near Apek Hill.

So, I set my alarm at 5AM. We were supposed to meet at the Lobak food court at 5.30AM. Based on previous climbs to Nuang, I remembered eating noodles at 4.45AM there. But this time, non of the stalls were opened. We saw 2 stalls cleaning up though. We ordered our drinks and our only option for food was bread and eggs. Danny said it was a poor choice of place for breakfast. Right, next time I will ask him to suggest!!.

We left the food court at about 6AM and reached Johnny's place at about 7.10AM. It was like a 5 minute drive to the foothill.

7.21AM - We parked at the playground and took about 4 minutes walk to the foothill. There were 5 of us - Johnny, Danny, Minch, Rach & I.

7.25AM - The foothill and one of the many entrances in this hill.

It was an easy hike I would say. :)

Johnny passed his responsibility as a point man to this lady called June because he wanted to accompany her husband who was walking much slower.
So June was telling us that this tree has got some medical value and people are slowly breaking off the roots from this tree.

7.42AM - Soon we reached Station 1. A tent from the Pasar Malam KL. Now if only they relocate the Cheras Pasar Malam to this spot. :P

Crossing a little stream at Station 1.

We didn't have to use the ropes because the ground was dry.

7.53AM - At Station 2, you can either go left or right. June usually use the left trail. If I'm not mistaken, she said that the left trail goes to Apek hill and the right, to Saga hill.

Oh, there's a clock here at Station 2, with a message written on it, "Don't take away please".

8.04AM - We reached station 3. Obviously this is a popular spot for small chats and gossips because many of them stopped here for a longer break. June said she would not go any further than this point because she had a dinner to attend in another state that night.

We waited for Johnny here for about 10 minutes at the Golden Station (That's what the Chinese words on the trees says). There was a little bench in between 2 trees and a boy was sitting there for quite some time. We noticed that this boy was sort of waiting for us because after a while everyone either went up or down the hill except this boy.

When we made signs of wanting to continue our hike, this boy went ahead of us but soon, we lost track of him.

Oh, there's a left trail at this Station which says "to station 4 & 5" if I'm not mistaken.

Apparently, this trail goes straight up to Station 6. It wasn't a strenuous hike and we reached Station 6 in no time and was greeted with.......................

" Come! Come! Have some watermelons," said one of the hikers who was there first.

Oh, at first we didn't know that they were inviting us to have some, but they repeated again. So without being shy, each of us took a piece. It was really juicy.

We reached station 6 at 8.35AM. There were some interesting stuff hanging just below the tent- the 2 Chinese jugs, a cup and 2 hula hoops. Also, someone was kind enough to donate a 4 or 5 liter water container for hikers to refill their water bottles.

It was at this point where we were deciding whether to go to the waterfalls or turn back. Actually, all of us wanted to go to the waterfall but none of us knew the way.

We made up our minds in less than a minute. :) All of us were gamed for it. We weren't sure when will be our next trip here.

8.47AM - We headed off to the unknown.. :)

8.55AM - The 7th station. Only 8 minutes from Station 6. I supposed we could have been faster than this.

At this point, we could see a trail after the tent and another one on the right. We recalled one of the hikers asking us to go ahead. They didn't mention a turning to the right so we decided to ignore that turning.

After walking for like ages (less than 15 minutes actually), we thought we took the wrong path.

We backtracked for less than 1 minute before we saw a group of hikers and asked if they knew where the waterfall was. It seems we were on the right track. We decided to follow them.

The trail to the waterfall was very steep. There were ropes along the way to help and guide us.

Even those with long legs were very cautious.

By now we could hear the waterfall..

First impression.... "WHATTTTT.. we hiked all the way here for this??"

It was a mini waterfall. We now knew why the regular hikers weren't keen at all to lead us here.

Anyway, since we were here... must as well spend some time admiring the waterfall right? :)
We were here for a grand total of 9 minutes. :)

Some people just don't know how to read. -.-

I kept my camera in my backpack when we were climbing up the steep trail and only took it out when my hands were free. :D

10.24AM - Station 7
10.32AM - Station 6.

We didn't stop at Station 7 and only rested for 1/2 a minute at Station 6.

Going down was a breeze. :)

11.02AM - Back at Station 1 again.

Rubber trees at the lower part of the hill.

Ahhh, a bit steep here.

11.19AM - Oh,, and we are out. :)
I was so hungry when I reached the foothill and was glad to see people selling food. Everything looked yummy but I had to restrain myself because we planned to have a good lunch after we have showered. I bought some curry puffs to keep my hunger at bay.

We went back to Johnny's place to shower and had a light meal before going out to have dim sum at Taman Connaught.

All in all, I enjoyed this short trip very much. It was not too strenuous and the company was good. :)


omar said...

Why u guys go to the mini waterfall??u know there r one more waterfall not far from that place...people always go to that place n skip that mini waterfall...

ironwolf-KL said...

trekz & trailz of apek hiLL

零星歲月 said...

Thanks for the article, photos are helpful for my visit. Cheers !