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Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Dinner

A few days ago, I was chatting with one of the youths. My nephews were back from Australia and I thought maybe I should introduce them to the youths in my church. So I suggested dinner on Friday. It was just a thought and suggestion as I wasn't sure of my nephews' schedule.

Rachel and I were quite busy and I thought the dinner plans will fall off but surprisingly, it did came to pass.

We had badminton in the morning. Most of the youths were there too. After badminton, someone suggested swimming in the evening. We declined because we had dinner plans. After sending the kids back home, my sis and I went shopping in Tesco. 

At 6.30pm we picked up the 1st youth. Then we went over to S2 using the Mambau way to pick up the 2nd youth. The 3rd youth couldn't make it.

We went to the Kesington in S2. 
Our food was delicious. We had crispy mushroom soup, garlic bread and aromatic duck with cabbage for starters, lamb shank, spaghetti carbonara, chicken maryland (I think) & black pepper beef for the main course.

At about 9.30pm we thought of going somewhere else, somewhere different, somewhere like PD. Yeah, it's a 40-minute drive and we had a bit of time to spare. We went to Teluk Kemang, listen to the waves for a while before having a drink nearby and a deep discussion on how old the earth was. :S

We left PD almost 12 midnight and I reached home at 1am. It was quite an unusual day for me but definitely a fun and interesting one.

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