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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gunung Ledang / Mt Ophir- 1 week ago

I said "No". "

"No" to Ledang,
"No" to torturing myself
"No" to leeches
"No" to traumatizing my toes
"No" to muscle aches
"No" to being hot and sweaty the whole day
"No" for another 101 reasons.

On Sunday, Messner and Sirdar approached me asking if I wanted to climb Gunung Ledang with them. They had 2 more spaces available. Immediately, I lashed out to Messner... "Ohhhh, you only call me because you don't have enough people, otherwise you won't call. I know you don't want me to go". He smiled sheepishly, not even trying to defend himself. He just said that there were people who had no intention to make it to the top, they just want the experience only and that's the reason why he asked me. Sheeshhhh...

I had some obligations on the climb day, but the thrill and excitement of climbing this mountain was greater. My knees were hurting too since Mt Kinabalu. My mind quickly disregard the knee pain and I was thinking more of when to make the brownies for one of my lecturers who wanted it on Sunday 2pm... unless I miss church.... hmmm.....

Anyway, I said "yes" - yes to all of the above reasons I said no. What have I gotten myself into??!!.

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