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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wonders of Facebook

I'm really an anti-social person. Unlike my siblings, I find it difficult to talk to strangers unless they are very friendly. Some may think I'm a snob, but really, I'm just shy and sometimes find it too tedious to talk to someone I've never met before or even old friends whom I've not seen for years.

The twin and the older sister on the hand have a flair for chatting, thus making new friends or meeting up with old acquaintances are a norm to them. Sometime ago, the twin created a facebook account for the 3 of us. She had been maintaining it for a few months before I took the effort to check what was so interesting about facebook.

Hmmm.... what's all these requests and poking each other??!! And why are people giving me virtual stuff? I want something tangible. And why is my friend asking me to pet her fluff? Crazy!

Facebook is so childish, I concluded.

But then slowly I began to appreciate facebook. I like to read people's tag line. I'm not so much into seeing the photos of my friends or sending virtual stuff to friends (but I do that sometimes too), but I like to know what's going on in their lives. Our joint account have about 300+ requests yet to be read or open.... and we are all waiting for each other to do the housekeeping. :)

Lately, the twin has been adding a lot friends from our ex-school. Some of them I hardly talk to, but she has also added their names in. Some didn't want to keep in touch after they left the school but they have accepted our request to add them in as our friends.

Just recently I had the opportunity to chat with one of my old school mates. I'm not that close to her in school, in fact, I hardly talk to her at all, mainly because we were in a different stream. But it's great to chat and get to know her in facebook. In 1 hour (or more??), we chatted as if we were old friends.

So I guess facebook scored more points in this area. I have to reopen my conclusion statement and re-conclude that facebook is very useful in keeping touch with old and new friends.

Hurray for facebook! :)

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