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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blogging About Food Again

My sister and I had always wanted to eat at Paddington's House of Pancake in Mid Valley. Most of the time it was difficult for her to take leave from her workplace or she has things to do during public holidays. So, we had decided to go to KL - Mid Valley on the 9th of March, a public holiday. Minch came with us too, just to lepak (gallivanting).

We didn't have breakfast at home. We had it in Paddington's, yay!!!

So many choices.....I finally settled for this mashed potatoes pancake with beef something. I just can't remember the correct term for it.

Rachel had crepes with chicken bacon. Both meals cost RM14.50++ each and both weren't that filling. We didn't mind because we just wanted to try out this restaurant. I can still remember the last time I stepped into a pancake restaurant and ate a RM40 (AUD20) meal. I was in Australia at that time. The portion was so huge, I don't think I finished it.

Later after all our shopping (which includes the clogs), Minch asked if we could eat again. That was about 3 hours after we left Paddington's. We said, ok, since it was already 2.30pm.

We went to Kim Gary's, our usual haunt.

Rachel had these. Kim Gary's famous French Toast. She ordered 2 plates thinking we could share the 2nd plate.

Minch was so hungry, she ordered rice with pork chop.

And I had nissin noodles with beef strips.

This potato thingy comes free with a coupon.

It was certainly a good day for all of us. We had fun, we shopped and we made plans for the next outing. It's so nice to be among friends. :)

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