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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Come Get Your Pineapple Tarts, Jian

Last month, my mom said that she wanted to make some pineapple tarts for people. I told her to buy extra pineapples because I wanted to make some for Jian (and Korpun, but he's too far away) too.

Last week, my mom told me that she has bought the pineapples and will let me know when the (pineapple) jam is ready. Yesterday, I peeped in the refrigerator and guess what I saw? Don't have to guess. I'll tell you. There were 2 ice-cream containers (1.5 liters each) and a small round microwave container filled with pineapple jam.

So, today I had my mind set on baking some pineapple tarts for Jian. Both my sisters helped, making the job (of creating a batch of pineapple tarts) lighter.

My job was to create the tart's pattern with the mould. I just need to insert enough pastry into the mould and press out the pastry with my thumb. After a while my hands began to ache and Esther suddenly thought of a way to make my job easier. She asked me to use the spare mould and insert it into the filled-with-pastry mould and press the pastry out. (See picture below)

Rachel and I were so amazed at Esther's ingenuity. Esther said something like she had 2 1/2 degrees to proved that she was indeed smart. Oh well... :)

While we were busy making the tarts, my mother's sisters, Aunt Annie and Aunt Chris came for a visit too, well, more likely to play mah jong. Aunt Zainab came to teach Tusi how to make "Kuih Ko Sui".

It's REALLY DELICIOUS. I think it's because it's freshly made. I can still feel the taste of this "kuih" in my mouth now as I type. :)

1 comment:

Jian said...

Here comes Jian...
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
At least I will be able to have good food before going national service...
Mannn...u all are so good to me...
*heart melts*