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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Malacca Zoo

Two Saturday's ago (7 of March), I had the opportunity to climb Gunung Angsi with a bunch of crazy hikers. Instead, I spent my time with Matt, Minch and 2-year-old Wayne visiting the Malacca Zoo. I don't like climbing Angsi and I will only go if I had to train (for Mt Kinabalu or something) or if my friends managed to persuade me to join. Angis's kinda boring, Datuk's better.

It was another impromptu trip and it started out with something like this :

I slept late the night before and because I didn't have anything lined up the following day (I had said "no" to climbing Angsi), I slept in....only to be woken up by the music from my handphone. Minch was on the line asking if I wanted to join them on a trip to the Malacca Zoo. She was horrified that I was still asleep when she called. It was past 10AM, probably closer to 11AM, and I had to explained that I slept late the night before. Immediately I said yes and started getting ready to go out. She picked me up in 20 minutes and off we went heading south to Malacca.

Wayne was moody because he wasn't feeling good the past few days. He had just recovered from his err... flu and cough I think.

We arrived at the Zoo at close to 1PM. It rained the past few days (you can say.. past few weeks) but the weather was good that day. The ticket cost RM7 for adults and RM4 (I think) for children. School kids with uniforms got in at a discounted rate - RM2.

We were greeted by several colourful parrots, also known as the Scarlet Macaw.

The white rhino. It doesn't looks so white, right?

We spotted an A & W stall and thought we'd better eat something first before venturing out to visit the animals.

A tram station nearby. I knew the zoo was small, but I thought it was a good idea to take the tram and see the overall view of the place. We paid our tickets - RM2 per adult. Wayne rode for free.

We were on the tram for less than 15 minutes when the driver suddenly stop the tram and told us to have a 10 minutes break while he goes to a food and drinks stall to have a rest. All of us got down and started checking out the animals nearby.

Later we didn't bother getting back on the tram again. Instead we walked and saw so many other animals. When we reached to the starting point, I told Matt and Minch that I wanted to walk to where the safari animals were. Wayne wasn't up to walking, so they stayed where they were and I went on my own.

The big birds - clockwise from top left - Common Cassowary, Ostrich, Emu and Rhea.

Other birds - Crowned Crane, Brahminy Kite, Great Hornbill and Saurus Crane.

More birds - Wreathed Hornbill, White-Crowned Hornbill and Changeable Hawk-Eagle.

We spotted some sexy birds in the lake. They are the flamingos.

And can you guess what animal is this? A very shy Orang Utan.

A bear doing some simple dance.


2 chimpanzees. I think they are upset with each other.

I spotted some "Bambis".
Looking at the deers, I now understand the term - "Deer caught in headlights". They stared at me as I stared at them.

Muddy elephants. Wayne preferred to look at the them rather than the camera.

A mini safari, but there were no animal in there. Wrong timing? Feeding time? Not sure why.

These beautiful black and white animals were just munching away. Wayne was so caught up by their striped bodies. He made a small fuss when we wanted to walk on to the next animal.

The tall animal. I didn't know giraffes do not share sleeping quarters (Picture - top right). And I never knew giraffes could stand like that (Picture - bottom left).

Wild monkeys were left to roam freely.

An observation tower in the zoo. I wanted to climb up there after checking out all the animals but I forgot.

All kinds of livestock. Top - from left - Scimitar-horned Oryx, Ankole Cattle and Banteng. Minch, on seeing the Bantengs said to herself "Ai yah.. what bantengs.. they looked like cows and told Wayne that they are cows.
Middle picture - Malayan Gaur (Seladang in Malay)
Bottom three pictures, don't know what are they called.

I spotted a "black sheep" among these animals.

The wild animals section - The Malayan tiger, lion and panthers. All looked very tame.

Another animal for you to guess. From far, I thought it was a log. It's actually a camel.

Almost half of the animals didn't want to be photographed. I had to either snap their backs or wait for a while and quickly snap their pictures when they turned.

I didn't take a single picture of myself in the zoo that day. Minch and Matt had a camera, but they left it in the car (but before they found out that it was in the car along, they were asking each other who had taken the camera).Later Minch said that she were certain that I had a camera with me, and that was why they brought me along.

We left the zoo at about 5pm.


Anonymous said...

Looks like animals are well kept. That's good because I've seen worse places. Poor Orang Utan is probably lonely :(

euniceta said...

Err... if you see for yourself, I think most of the animals don't look so good. Maybe because I'm comparing them with the Toronto Zoo. :)