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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo, Kuching, Sarawak

The idea of visiting the crocodile farm wasn't very appealing to me. I knew how crocodiles looked like. I've been to the zoo a few times and they all looked the same. They all looked as if they were sleeping. Not very interesting at all.

Since the kids were with us and they were all geared up to go, we found ourselves here at the crocodile farm. Oh, we booked a van (with a driver) for the whole day. What we did was to let the driver know where we wanted to go and he would take us there.

The entrance fees were quite pricey. Someone (can't remember who) said it cost RM10 and that someone must have been a Sarawakian. Looking at what we had to pay, I assumed we were once again treated as a foreigner. :(

I really didn't want to visit this place, but I went because Esther may need help looking after the 2 kids. I told my parents and the aunties that they needn't come in. We'd try to be quick, after all there's nothing much to see except crocodiles. They were relived. They also didn't want to see the crocodiles. I was really surprised when my dad decided to come along with us.

A photo shoot first with a non-moving crocodile.

Crocodile eggs anyone?

A Chameleon. The kids saw them at the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary too.

A goat and some chickens..... if you can spot them.

Ah.... this is what we came for.. the crocodiles, all lying on top of each other. I wonder why they do that.

We saw otters, monkeys, peacock/hen and cassowary.

The farm area was bigger that I had expected. We were there in time for them to feed the crocodiles. We saw 2 men throwing baskets of fish to the crocodiles. When it came to food, the active ones got to eat more. Crocs who were too slow or were fast asleep would have to wait for the next feeding time.

There were some long benches nearby and we realized that the real "feeding the crocodiles show" was about to start when everyone started choosing their places.

Oh... there's the bait. Someone had wheeled 2 baits away from each other to the middle of the pond.

Crocodiles were swimming leisurely, still unaware of the bait...

Ah.... I smell food....oh it's up there. What is it doing up there? Now i must summon my strength to reach for the food.

One, two, three.. up.
Sometimes the person manning the bait purposely lifted the rope higher when the crocodile was about to eat it.

After a while we got bored and left the scene. Thank God the kids also had enough of the show.

I wonder why the crocodiles sometimes sleep with their mouths open.

Exploring further...

We saw other animals here. Surprisingly the owl was awake. It blinked a few times to let us know that it was watching us.

We came across a pond full of water lilies.. but no flowers. :(

The otters again. The kids said goodbye to their favourite animal.

We were inside the farm for about an hour. Guess what my mom and the aunties did while we were inside the farm?

They were playing card games again. (Like that also can!!!)

Another photo shoot of the kids at the entrance of the farm, another "been there done that" to add to my list. :)


@nne said...

u knw wat... ppl can use ur blog as a pictorial book for kids. its very detailed pictorial-ly!! talk about scrap booking skills

nelson said...

i think u need to cheer up, not being negative throughout.

sarawak is famous for deadly crocodiles and each year, there will be a few cases where some poor victims (humans) where dragged by crocodiles into the water and never to be found again. I don't you miss the legendary crocodile where its back is white in colour, it was the oldest (some said living up to >100yrs) and deadliest crocodile in Batang(A bigger river in Iban) Lupar, Sri Aman. Bujang Senang had eaten lots of people. Jong's Crocodile farm was featured in BBC before, not only as a 'zoo' but they also rear crocodiles for their skins & meat (Legal ones).

After visiting Jong's Crocodile Farm, you can go to Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre for Orang Utans (was recently touched in The Star). It rivals Sepilok in Sandakan.

One needs to do proper research on a place that he or she is going to visit. Blogs and forum can help you a lot. www.catscity.com.my

eg http://brandoneu.blogspot.com/2008/02/jongs-crocodile-farm-kuching.html

check out!

p/s: Besides Singgahsana Lodge there are still many nice budget hotels that you can choose from with a click of your rattus rattus.

Gambling? you should how sarawakians gamble and play with firecrackers during CNY in Sarawak. I spent my CNY in Cheras and it was so BORING.



Anonymous said...
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euniceta said...

Anne - yup.. looks like it huh?

Nelson - Was I being negative? I didn't notice. I was just telling my story. If you read my post again, I did say that I wasn't keen on going to this place, so there is no reason why I should do a proper research on this place.

FYI, Brandoneu's blog about this place is not informative at all.

Concerning your CNY in Cheras, I think no matter where you are, you'll love it if the company's great, otherwise, it's a bore.

For example, if I spend my CNY with my father's side of the family, I would think that it is boring even though the gathering is held in my parents house. On the other hand, I think that CNY is great if my mother's side of the family comes for dinner, especially when it is held in my parents' place.

Anonymous said...

i really thought you will start finding the place boring as what you've mention in the earlier part and eventually you'll see some interesting things that will change the scenario of your general view, i patiently read the full captions looking for the punchline but i guess as what you've said is a boring trip and... so as your blog,,, loosen up sweety.. it will help..

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Getting to know wild animals in Sarawak is curiosity to kids... respect them! My niece & nephew are dying to visit Sarawak. There many places such as Matang whereby there are movie shooting "The king & I", done there. I loves the long houses in Sarawak... they are build by wild bamboos. Niah caves are the best. From there, you can see South China Sea. Mulu caves are the vvip best. Come to Sarawak if only you love nature. Otherwise... save your money, breath & stay at home!