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Monday, July 6, 2009

Plucking Rambutans

When Mctc suggested we go to a friend's house to pluck rambutans, I wasn't really keen. First of all, I don't really know the owner of of the house and secondly, I wasn't dressed to climb up the trees. Later I found out that there was a third reason - there were lots of mosquitoes.

When we reach the place, I saw Christine happily cutting bunches of rambutans off the trees. She told me that she love doing this.

The guys were just standing around doing nothing. Haha.. no lah, I came quite late and I'm sure Eddie did his share of work too. Steven was at the back doing his fair share of making the trees lighter.

There were at least 6-7 boxes/bags of rambutans and so many still waiting to be plucked. Eddie told the owner that he and his team would come back one Sunday for a 2nd round of harvesting.

Never be deceived by the colour of the skin. The yellow rambutans were just as good as the red ones. The bag of rambutans that I brought back had more than 100 seeds. I gave them all to my parents.

Eddie calls my mom's house the town hall (or community hall) because there is always something going on there most the time. It's a good and fun place for gatherings, and meetings. :)

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