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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St. Thomas's Cathedral, Kuching, Sarawak

The day before Esther checked out the St Thomas church service timetable. The English service was at either 6.45am or 8.15am. Guess which one we went to?

Of course the earlier one :). Esther and I made the decision and all the aunties were grumbling. Nevertheless, we ALL got up early. Aunt Annie got up the earliest I think, at 5am. I woke up at 5.30am.

We started walking only at 6.35am. We were told that it would take us about 15 minutes to get there on foot.

We roughly knew how to get there but we still asked around to see if there were any shorter ways to get to the church.

We used the shorter way and passed this Chinese temple. This was the 2nd elaborately decorated Chinese temple I saw in Kuching. The first one was the famous Tua Pek Kong Temple just opposite the Kuching waterfront.

At 6.50am we reached the St Thomas chuch compound. We could hear the a hymn being sung. Sze-En was especially excited about going to this church. She knew it was going to be different from the church she usually attends. Her mother had warned her not to make any noise and that she had to sit still throughout the service.

We were late and had to sit way back. Poor Sze-En couldn't see a thing because a pillar was blocking her from seeing what was happening in front. Soon she got so bored that she turned around and told her mom that she missed her own church. According to Aunt Chris and Aunt Annie, this Anglican church service was almost exactly the same way the Catholics conducted their services. There were certain things they did which I was wasn't comfortable too like the invincible cross sign they did with their hand and they recited certain things from a book. I never expected this in an Anglican church. Anyway, this was a new experience to me.

The church service ended at 8.05am. We saw the time and were amazed that we actually got up early to attend the 6.45am service.

One of the entrances to the St Thomas Cathedral.

We went for breakfast after the church service. It's just so weird. Back home we would have thought of lunch and not breakfast. :)

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Unknown said...

I used to worship in St. Thmas's in the mid 1960's. I miss it and Kuching town