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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Class Canceled!

And what did I do when class was cancelled? Make cookies. :)

Semester starts this week. I'm taking Church History (18th century to 20th century) and Introduction to religions 2 - Islam.

Class is on Wednesday - Church History 9:00AM - 10:45AM
Intro to Religions 2 - 11:15AM - 1PM , 2:30PM-3:30PM

The lecturer for Intro to Religions 2 told us that he had to go to KL in the afternoon, so no classes in the afternoon. Yay!

I went to my mother's house. Between 1AM to 8PM, I got nothing to do. So I decided to make shortbread cookies for Aunt Pang, Gee Lian and Yoke Chan. I told them if they were to provide me with butter I would turn them into cookies.

They gave me 5 blocks of butter more than a month ago. Since the afternoon class was canceled, I thought, why not use this time to makes the cookies. So I did. I added 3 more blocks of butter and made 8 recipes... roughtly about 800 plus bite sized cookies.

Started at 2.30pm ended at 7.30pm, just in time to go for prayer meeting at 8pm.


Unknown said...

wah..so many cookies..are you looking for an impartial cookie tester?? i want to apply for this job...

euniceta said...

Ha! I think you don't even like shortbread!!