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Monday, June 30, 2008

Inconsiderate neighbours.

I was having breakfast this morning when all of the sudden I looked out of my house. To my horror and amazement, I saw some laundry not belong to me, hanging on my front gate.

This is my front gate. AND THESE ARE NOT MY CLOTHES!!! They belong to my... neighbour. How could anyone be so.. so... so... weird?
I went outside and look into my neighbour's compound in hopes that I could spot my meighbour and tell her off. Her door and gate was open, I could hear voices, but I didn't want to call out for her.

I went upstairs and checked my laptop screen. My cousin was saying hi to me. Immediately I cut him off and told him about my neighbour. He asked if e could help by burning the house down. I replied, better not, the house and adjoining to my house. It may affect my house. Furthermore, both houses belongs to Mctc. Then e asked if he could puncture their car tyres. I told him that I think the car belongs to one of our church member. My neighbour is working for him.

Still feeling dissatisfied, I went to my gate and push all the laundry to one side. I hoped she will get the message. Then I went upstairs and send out an email to all my friends telling them about my neighbour.

There were so many suggestions. I will list it down later.

Then it started raining and one of the neighbour's children took the clothes in.

Later the husband came back for lunch I told him in a nice way. I ask him not to put the clothes on my gate. It looked so untidy. At first he didn't get what I was saying. Later after I've explained it to him, he apologised and spoke to his wife. What was being said, I don't know because they spoke in another language.

I must tell you that my back fence was also bombarded by other people's laundry. I think these clothes belongs to my 3-doors away neighbour.

Not a pretty sight. :(

I had no say in this. Mctc said it's okay for them to hang their laundry there. :(

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