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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grandmother's birthday!

I know, I know. I blogged about celebrating my grandmother's birthday a few days ago. That was a private party.
Today's party is celebrated by all her children (and spouses), grandchildren (and spouses) and great grandchildren. She gave birth to 15 children, Gave 3 away, but 2 came running back. One pass away a few years back. Last week her eldest daughter and family came to visit and celebrate with her. Today, the rest of the family came to celebrate with her. If I'm not mistaken 9 of her children was her today. I think there were more that 50 people who was in attendance.

Unlike my mother's family who usually eat dinner at 7.30 or 8pm, my father's side is really Chinese chinese (said it twice on purpose). Dinner was at 5pm today. Rachel and I came at about 6.30pm. It was raining. We came just in time to sing the birthday song. After that we had family by family taking turns to have their pictures taken with grandma.

And you know what? I don't know my cousins names... too many of them. We only meet them like once a year. I don't recognise some of them too.

The cake was specially made by a cake shop. The food was catered. I was late for the dinner, so I couldn't get a good picture of the food. MY brother was eating halfway when I asked his permission to take a picture of what he was eating.
And of course there were people playing mah jong.

The last batch of guests (relatives I mean) left at 9pm. Yeah, it's still too early. I repeat again... so unlike my mother's side of the family. They would linger until 11pm.

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