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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Musical 2006 "BELIEVE"

Our biggest production ever. This musical is talks about the life of Jesus through the eyes of 5 different people. Mary the mother of Jesus, John and Thomas-disciples of Christ, Pilate-Roman governor of Judea who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus and Caiaphas, the high priest of Jerusalem who sent Jesus to Pilate for sentencing.

The picture speaks for itself. We had professionals and non professionals working behind the scenes. Many took time off from work to help out in this musical.

Each of us contributed our talents and time willingly. Everyone worked hard. The traffic control personnels were in for a surprise. It was raining (all three nights if I remember correctly), and they were prepared with rain coats and umbrella. Bad weather didn't dither people from coming. In fact there were so many people that the main gates had to be closed. Still some climbed over the gates.

Stage and backdrop. Uncle Lim was in-charged of the concept of the stage. Rachel & Sharon helped with the stage and backdrops.

1) Mary (Played by Mary)
2) John (Played by Michael)
3) Narrator (Narrated by Stephany)
4) Narrator (Narrated by Dr Richard)
5) Pilate (Played by Kelvin)
6) Caiaphas (Played by Chen Tee Shaw)
7) Thomas (Doubting Thomas) (Played by Thompson)
8) Jesus (Played by Edwin)
9) Coordinator of this musical (F.C.)