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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A'Famosa, Malacca

Another family vacation. Neela and Jason came back for a visit and our family planned a trip to A'Famosa Malacca. As usual, we had our own fun, our parents fun meant "mah jong" and the kids simply love being together. The meals were prepared by Tusi and our parents.... such nice dishes, which include chinese dishes (too many to list them down), nasi lemak, eggs and sausages for breakfast and red bean soup throughout the second day.

The kids were treated to an A'Famosa's Safari Experience. And apart from watching cartoons, they are often found in the swimming pool located in front of the bungalow.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Brian's Peter Pan Party

Brian was so excited when Grandma (Aunt Chris) decided to throw a party for him this year. He never had an exciting party like Mae-Z's. He thought long and hard for a theme and decided on a "Ninja Turtle Party". Grandma said no and told him that the theme would be "Peter Pan cum Pirates Party". Aunt Rachel and Aunt Eunice went to the U.S. last year and bought him a Peter Pan Suit. Brian didn't have a chance to wear it the last time the cousins had a costume party.

So once again, Grandma called Aunt Rachel to help with the props. We roped in Aunty Eunice, and Aunty Sharon to help out with the painting. Grandma did the Pinata and the ship. Aunty Adele also lent a helping hand with the ship.

Look at all the beautiful props. We certainly appreciated Aunty Rachel.

The invites were unique. It was a torn, burnt and coffee stained paper with a map printed on it. This invitation was inserted in a bottle and given out to the children.

It took Grandma some time to burn and dip the paper into the coffee.

(TO BE CONTINUED....)... lazy to continue dy lah.. 7May2008

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Keith and Team

Keith's 3rd visit to Malaysia. This time he brought 11 students from Winona. Seven of them served in the music team. They are all very talented.