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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surprises From Hawaii

Nope, I've not been to Hawaii but my dear twin was there recently and my clear instructions were "DON'T GET ME ANYTHING EXCEPT HIKING SANDALS"

Two days ago the twin gave me a bag of what I assumed contain my light black jacket and some other goodies. She also gave me a pair of hiking sandals which was expected because she called me from Hawaii to check if I mind a size bigger.

So anyway, when I finally open the bag, I was amazed to see so many things inside.

A HOT Pink jacket.. WOW... she must have spent quite a bit on this. I have like 3 other light jackets but all of them are black in colour. Hmmm... come to think of it, it never strike me to get other colours. Cool, now I've got a hot pink which screams "LACK-OF-ATTENTION" even from afar.

And you know what's the main advantage of having a twin? I don't have to be there to try on and see if it fits me or not. :)

Next is a pink recorder. Wow! I believe I've not owned one before. Neat.. and it's PINK. Okay, to tell you the truth I don't know how to play this instrument even after taking many lessons during my primary years. So I guess now is a good time as any. :)
A pink-ish water-bottle. Okay, I'm sure by now you would have guessed that my favourite colour is pink. You are so right. :)

A spoon holder, a bar of chocolate, a GET THIS... a pair of no-tie shoelace, a purse ( we buy purses for our siblings EVERY TIME we visit the States), a tube of hand sanitizer, torch light, glitter eye-shadow, a fushia nail polish, and a 2-mirror with the word ALOHA on it.

A pouch which transforms to a bag pack when you pull out all the material from the pouch. Very useful for shopping.

My COLUMBIA sandals. YES!!!! The twin called from Hawaii to let me know that they do not have our size and if a size bigger would be okay she would get a pair for me. I said "sure go ahead if you get for yourself, get for me too". When I tried it on 2 days ago, they fit perfectly... well, they are slightly bigger but it's still okay.

I got these today. I'm here at her house and she gave me sneaker balls for my smelly shoes and a fridge magnet which she insist was very useful for opening bottles. Hmmm.. I "complained" that she bought so many things for me to which she replied "if you don't want, then give me back". Ahhh.. I kept quiet after that. :)

This morning we went for morning walk in Lake Gardens. After that we went over to Top Curry House for breakfast. The place was full of people and we couldn't even order a proper meal. The waiters were just too busy. We had a vadai each and left. That was our breakfast and the twin said she had to do something at 2.30pm and we will only get to eat our lunch at 2.45pm. So I went to her kitchen to check and see if there was any snacks to munch. I spotted a few packs of Korean seaweed and asked if I could eat them. She said okay and she thought that she had given me a pack.

So, this is the 15th item (excluding the sandals since I paid for them) she gave me.. and the only one from Korea. I wonder how much she spent on the stuff she gave me.

Thanks TWIN. :D