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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Souvenirs From Hawaii

My sister is back from Hawaii. This is her 2nd trip there. This time I didn't really expect much souvenirs from her because she should have all the interesting gifts covered during her first trip. :)

She got me these :-

A pink T-shirt, a um whatchamacallit waterproof container, a short stainless steel cup, a mote pad, a hair-clip, an ANTI-BOTTLE, and a pair of create-any-pattern-you-like sandals. 

I find 3 items interesting :-

The waterproof container is practical for our PD outings.
The anti-bottle is a flexible container that stands when it's full and folds when it's empty.
The sandals. With just a pair of rubberize soles, strings and patterned hooks you can create so many designs.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Merdeka Day - 16 Sept 2011

We started our day playing badminton. It was a holiday here in Malaysia and many of our youth friends turned up.  

Since there were so many youths, Rachel's car was full, 7 of us in her sedan.

We went for breakfast cum lunch. We were so looking forward to have our 3-layer tea, but FS, the food court which we usually go to did not have it. So after lunch, Jared, my sis and I purposely went to Ah Seng's coffee shop to have our 3-layer tea.

Oh, it was also after UPSR, a compulsory nationwide exam for the primary school students, and my niece had already made plans to go to PD with her friends.Rachel and I decided to tag along. We called Arnold and Brian too. Earlier during badminton, we also told Danny (knew him from our recent Kinabalu climb) about our plans to PD and he said he would bring his family and meet us at Teluk Kemang, a popular beach spot in PD.

At about 3pm, it started to get dark and we could hear thunder and the rain eventually came down. In the car, my niece prayed for the rain to go stop and that the weather would be good. When we reached Teluk Kemang, the sun began to shine so brightly and it was so hot that all of us put sun block on our faces and bodies. 

We brought along our colourful tubes. There were only 3 tubes, so they had to share.

Sue-Yi's first visit to the beach. She enjoyed it so much.

En and her friends.

Danny came slightly later. We played volleyball on the beach. It was fun.

The kids came out of the water to build sand castles.

Later, Danny and Rachel tried to set up her sailboat kite. They took more than an hour to fix it. A guy came along to help too. By that time it was too late to fly the kite.

Beautiful sunset. :)
As usual, we left way after the sun set. It was close to 9pm when we reached Seremban.

We had dinner at Bidara.The children weren't that hungry because they ate the sandwiches and cakes we brought to the beach.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rum & Raisin Slice

Had the sudden urge to bake something. I had rum, I had raisin and just enough eggs to make a rum & raisin cake. :)

I also had a very short time to bake because I had a waterfall outing appointment in 1.5 hours.

I switch off the oven 10 minutes sooner than I should, but it still turned out nice and moist. I can't really taste the rum. Maybe the next try I'll put more rum, or get a better quality one.

Gonna bring it for my badminton kaki tomorrow. :) They are my guinea pigs and they won't feel guilty on putting on weight because I will offer to them only AFTER a few games of badminton. :D