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Monday, October 10, 2011

Baking with OLD New Equipments

Two days ago, I made these - chocolate banana cake and banana muffins. Both were delicious. :D

So, I already have 2 cake mixers. The Kenwood (white) mixer is quite old, probably more than 5 years and I send it for repair once last year and it's not that good now. I bought a new Faber mixer when I had the Kenwood repaired, so now I have 2 mixers.

Guess what? A kind elderly lady in church noticed my interest in baking and decided to donate her old heavy duty Kenwood mixer to me. She bought it 2nd hand for RM280 in the 1970s. She hasn't been using it for many years now and thought of giving it away.

Well, I'm the happy recipient. :D I always wanted to own one of these heavy duty mixers but my little interest doesn't justify paying so much, plus the very fact that I already have 2 mixers. 

It's a Kenwood Chef model A.701A.

Look at all the extra stuff it can do on this mixer. Gosh!! Anyway, I only received the machine (obviously), along with the "K" beater, whisk and the jug liquidiser. It's good enough for me. :)

Oh yeah, have I ever told you about my oven?

This is my first oven. It was given to me by my dear friend, Ruth, when she bought a bigger oven. Hmm... what was the year, I can't recall, but I guess it's probably in the year 2006.

And then last year, on the 27th of March, my aunt gave me her old oven. It's probably 30 years old or something.:) I love it. It bakes very well, much better than the small oven and I am able to bake more in a shorter time. 

I also got this cooling tray recently. It's so useful because I bake a lot of cookies at a time. I first spotted it in a kitchenware type of shop and it cost about RM49. I thought it was too expensive so I didn't get it at that time. After a few weeks I saw the exact one in a DIY shop. It was only RM25.90. I grabbed it and was very pleased with how much I saved. :) 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aspirers - The Next Level

Aspirers is finally moving from the chapel to ARC, the bungalow right behind our church. Anne, the youth leader was especially pleased about the move. It means, more space to grow since the chapel is really cramped for space.

They started their move at 4pm in the chapel. After reminiscing about how far Aspirers had come up to this stage, they were ready to leave the chapel which they called "home" for 5 years.

They even SEALED the entrance. NO TURNING BACK!! 

Walking towards the new bungalow.

Pastor Sally officiated the opening of the new Aspirers place by cutting the ribbon. It is a 2.5 storey bungalow and Aspirers will only be using the 1st floor.

Aspirers entering the hall after Pastor Sally and Anne.

First worship and pray in this place. There were about um... 70 people and the place looked cramped to me. The hall is small, but there's another hall at the other end of the floor and the compound outside this floor is big. 

Makan time. Too many people, not enough food, or maybe the Youths were just too hungry. :D