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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have a Nice Vacation!

Matt & Minch are going to New Zealand. Minch will be there for 2 weeks and Matt, for 3 months. Why? Because Minch has to work, and Matt is currently jobless.

So, we were told to pick them up at 5.45pm. I was amazed at the 1 huge bag,1 medium sized bag, 1 hand luggage and a knapsack that they were going to bring. I was so certain that they would only bring less than a medium sized luggage. (They did that for their US trip). They explained to me that the contents in the bigger bag did not belong to them - they were only helping to bring them over. Their belongings were in the medium sized bag. Phew!! Same old Matt and Minch.

So, when we got to the airport, they checked in and we headed staight to Burger King. (Our standard "cab fare" is usually a meal at burger king's). Just when we finished the last bite of our meal, Minch started checking the contents in the hand luggage. She checked her wallet first and took out a few cards which she thought she might not use. She passed the following to me - 1 Maybankard, 1 Ikea credit card, 1 sogo card and 1 more card which I don't recognised. Then she checked the luggage again and came out with 2 expired passports. After confirming with Matt, she passed them to me for safe keeping.

Then she saw the 40Days of community book and well... passed it to me too. She spotted a purse... and that went into my bag too.

There were a pair of Timberland shoes belonging to Matt. Minch is convinced that he wouldn't wear them. He said he would. So we left it as it was.

We parted ways when we got to the elevator. I told Minch, if she want to pass anymore stuff to me, this was her last chance. I was already in the elevator when I told her that. When I got off the elevator, my phone rang. Minch was on the line asking me to stop where I was, she wanted to pass me the shoes. :)

Here's Matt taking out the shoes from the cabin luggage.

The stuff I brought back for them.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flight cancelled??

Hey! What has happen to our flight??

We booked a flight to KK on Jul 2nd, 2008. The flight was scheduled to leave LCCT at 7:50am. Today I went into the Airasia site to book the same flight for another climber. Ummm.... did I see wrongly? What happened to flight AK5100? Airasia did not inform me on this. Sigh... So should I book him on the earlier flight or the later flight?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess What I've been doing these past few Firdays?

Here's a clue......













Answer : Went through a course of church history in STM. This is the 3rd semester.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Guess it runs in the family. We love reading books...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mt Kinabalu - March08 team Experience

We had a Hi-tea cum sharing-the-Mt Kinabalu-experience in one of the team member's house. The purpose of this meeting was to let the March team share their experiences with the July team. There were 10 climbers in the March group. Only 5 came for the meeting.

First we had Danny share with us his experience. He was the only person who didn't make it to the top, so naturally we wanted to know what had happened to him. He was sick even at the beginning of the climb. He mentioned that the last 2 km to Laban Rata was the toughest. He and Edwin, his climb partner, stopped every 3 steps because it was steep and there were a lot of rocks. He prayed for strength and kept going on. The last 1 km, the porter saw that he was struggling and volunteered to carry his bag. That relieved him a bit and he managed to make it to the Laban Rata Resthouse. Overall, he enjoyed he climb, the scenery was beautiful and he took many pictures.

Then Desmond came to the front and basically told us what to bring or wear and the dangers of not having them. He said that the rope section was the most scary part. There are many more things he said, but I can't remember.

Then it was Lawrence's turn. He didn't say much because Danny and Desmond old most of it already. But he did mentioned that he sprained his leg and had to be carried down by 3 porters. They charged RM120.00 per KM.

Peter Lai, who went to Mt Kinabalu in Sept 07 told us of his experience too.

Peter Lim brought all the mountain climbing gear and briefed us on the type of clothes to wear.

KG added in some and closed the meeting.

We adjourned to the kitchen and had a good time fellowshipping with each other over tea.

Free Hugs

Today's message by Pastor Benjamin was "How to Help Each Other Grow". He showed us a video clip on someone in the streets of Australia holding a sign which read "Free Hugs". At first no one bothers him. After a while one by one came up to hug him and this encourages others to hug their friends/partners/spouses, etc.

Towards the end of the service, Dr Yeow and Voon Fui went out to look for a manila cardboard and a marker pen. They started holding up the sign when we came out of the sanctuary. One by one people started hugging. It was a nice sight and everyone was smiling. Some got impromptu hugs from their siblings, others from their friends.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


These beautiful roses were planted and taken cared by Tusi. She's really good with gardening. My mom always wanted to grow roses in her garden but alas, she doesn't have greenfingers. Tusi said she is good at gardening, and she will make sure that her roses will bloom. Well, here's the proof. So many roses and more to come... look at all the small buds.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Internet Connection At Last!!

Look what I've got! A mobile internet access by Celcom. It's supposed to be broadband. The speed is faster than a dial-up but slower than streamyx. I shouldn't complain. It's cheaper with the package deal. Streamyx & Celcom mobile internet cost RM108.00. Otherwise I would have to pay RM66 for streaymx and RM68 for Celcom mobile internet.

Celcom was promoting their broadband internet and users are "encouraged" to buy their 7.2mbps modem for RM999. I didn't want to spend so much on a modem, so I opted to use my N70 phone. The Celcom sales people gave lots of excuses why I need to use their modem. I told them that I'm getting the RM108 package, but one of them told me that the package I would be getting is not broadband. By that time, I knew that they don't know what they were talking about. They just wanted me to buy their modem. I checked with the person at the counter and she confirmed that it's the same thing - Celcom broadband internet.

Anyway, one setback is, when I'm surfing on Celcom using the N70 as a modem, my Digi line goes inactive. So for those of you who called and can't get through, you can see me online. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I had a terrible toothache yesterday after eating at Top Curry House. It was so, so , so bad. It hurt so much. I had trouble sleeping and the little sleep that I had was filled with nightmares of Gunung Angsi. This Saturday, 12 April, the climb team was suppose to go climb Gunung Angsi. Many cannot make it, so it was postponed to 26th April (Exactly 1 year since my Gunung Angsi climb). Dr James replied saying that he will still climb on the 12th, and Francis asked to be counted in too. I dreamt that I was forced to go with them.

Anyway, I went to see the dentist hoping that my pain would instantly disappear when I said I wanted to go to the dentist. Sadly, the pain was still there. :(

So the dentist replaced 2 of my fillings and assumed that my pain would go off. Well, it didn't. I went to work, but after a while I couldn't stand it. I called the dentist again at 2.30pm. He asked me to drop by again. He checked and replaced 2 more fillings in 2 other teeth. By that time, I could feel the pain in 2 places. It was a terrible feeling. He said the pain should be gone in 5 minutes. He attended to another patient while I sat outside willing for the pain to subside. It didn't. :(

I went in again. The dentist was puzzled. He had already replaced 4 fillings and knocked on 2 of my teeth to check which tooth was the culprit. After doing some minor tests, I finally felt that the pain was subsiding. I was relieved. I could still feel a tinge of pain, but it's bearable. :)