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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Batu Caves & Genting Highlands with Frances

Rachel met Frances online and they started chatting. Frances wanted to visit Malaysia in Feb, and so they made plans. Frances was here for 5 days (I think). We asked her to spend some time alone in KL for the first two days, take the local tour or something like that. Then on the 3rd day, she came down by bus to meet us(Monday morning). We took her to Malacca and later, to Jeram Toi and the Lake Gardens. She stayed overnight in my house and early the next day we went to KL. Rachel had to work. Frances & I took the bus, met up with my brother and our first tourist stop was Batu Caves.Hmm... they have build a large golden statue since I last visited the place.
There were 272 steps leading to the top and Frances was so much fitter than me. If given a chance, she could walk all 272 steps without stopping, but I had to stop halfway to catch my breath. There were a few shrines in the caves, and monkeys too.

Later we went to Genting Highlands (the only casino in Malaysia), my brother drove us to Gotong Jaya, and we took the cable car up to Genting. The weather was coolish as always. We didn't gamble (good girls.. hehe), but sat on some mild rides in the theme park.

Then later, we came down again by cable car, and went to Central Market in KL, bought some souvenirs. A couple of storekeepers thought Frances was local and I was from Indonesia or Japan. Hmmm.... so different lah.

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