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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Broga Hill for the 2nd Time

Yup, I'm here again for the 2nd time. The last time we went was on the 26th of September 2009. 3 weeks later, I found myself agreeing to go again. Now, you must understand., this is an easy climb, so it's okay to go there every week.... but it takes like 45minutes to get from my place to the foothill. Another set back is, to see the sunrise, I have to get up at 4.30AM. That's too EARLY for a HILL climb.

We agreed to meet at OK Tuck (food court) before heading towards Broga Hill. It was here that we heard the thunder. We hoped it wouldn't rain because Broga's terrain without the rain was also very slippery. The older sister was so late, that we told her we'd meet at the foothill of Broga. For someone who just woke up (and I was reaching the meeting place) she sure was fast. She had to pick 3 other climbers too. She arrived at Broga some 10 minutes after we arrived.

See.. pitch dark when we arrived at 6.04AM.

At 6.19AM, we started walking when Esther and her gang showed up. Can't hear any thunder but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't rain while we were half-way climbing.

Aunt Chris, Madeline and Brian were first timers to Broga. I told Aunt Chris that the climb was slightly tougher than Kepayang Hill, which she thought was no sweat at all. As she climbed, she started to grumble saying that this was 3 times harder than Kepayang Hill. Actually I think she found it tough because this was her first time to Broga Hill and we made her get up so early for this climb.

Beautiful lalangs. (Tall, wild grass).

Picture of the 1st peak. I think we made it in about 35 minutes or so.

The view is simply gorgeous. It looked as if it would rain, but it didn't. Thank you God for holding back the rain. :)

This was taken after the 3rd peak. I decided not go go up to the 4th peak because THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!.

Look at the crowd. It was a public holiday and I think there were like at least 500 people or more on this hill. Good thing there were 4 peaks. Imagine of there was only 1 peak, all of us would fight to get a good view of the sunrise.

I must say, this could be the youngest hiker. He is less than 18 months old!!!!

The sun shone beautifully.

Lalangs again.

So many people started descending when the sun was getting too hot.

People jam!!!! Some were so impatient that they decided to choose another route. That path was steep and slippery and the only way go reach the bottom was to slide down!!!!

Lots of people.

Finally, we saw the oil palm trees.. yes we have arrived at the foothill.

Look at all the cars!!

There were no proper parking lots and what most of us did was to either park in between the oil palm trees or along the roadside.

It was really a walk in the park.. but we didn't but as you can see, there were simply too many people today. We left Broga at about almost 9AM and had our breakfast in Seremban.

When is the next climb? Hmmm.. I don't know yet.


Ken Wooi said...

nice pictures..
never been there before.. =)


euniceta said...

Thanks. You should go. It's a short hike and the scenery is really good.