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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Korean Dinner

In my recent Kinabalu trip, there's a climber who loves anything Korean. Every training climb and even during the Kinabalu trip, he was full of "Korean this, Korean that". From Korean movies to K-pop, to Korean girls to Korean food.. you get the idea. :)

Then during our post Kinabalu climb dinner in early March, he was telling us that there's this Korean restaurant which he frequented every week. He claimed that they have the BEST Korean food. We were like, "okayyyy, if you say so". But then, we were also curious about this place. So we asked him to set a date and time and we'll be there.

After much thought over the next few days, we decided that 3rd of April would be the best day.

There were 6 of us from N.Sembilan. We went to Bangsar for shopping first before heading to Mt Kiara. I think we took like an hour to reach there because we weren't sure of the place. Rach's new GPS failed because she didn't use for more than a month. Danny's GPS.. hmm.. I'm not sure, maybe he didn't update it?! And so we had to call our Korean-crazed friend for directions.

So here we are, at Little Korea @Jln Solaris, Mt Kiara. Our KL friends were already there waiting for us. Oh at least 3 of them were there. The other 2 came later.

Since our friend knows what is good here, we let him order.

I must say, it's VERY good. Oh don't ask me to name all the dishes he ordered. :) The price is pretty decent too. :)

Yummy. :)

A group picture courtesy of Desmond. :) He was the only one who brought his DSLR. :)

After dinner, we went to a KOREAN supermarket before heading back home :D

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