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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What??!! PD again??

Yes!! PD again. This time I went with Rach, En, Bri and Arn. :)
This is also an impromptu trip. I was bored with work and today was too beautiful not to go out. You know that kind of feeling? :). Okay, I admit, I was lazy. :D

Having been to PD less than a week ago, I was day-dreaming about it and a thought came to my mind. Since the kids are having their mid term school holidays, why not bring them out for a swim? I send a text message to Arn to see if he was interested. He was non-committal. I told him I had to finish my quota of work first before going out. So at about 2pm, I started firming up the plans with Rach. We called Bri's grandma who confirmed on behalf of him. The we called En who said that she would only go if Bri goes. So that settled it. The I send a text message to Arn to tell him that we would pick him up at 4.30pm.

We left for PD at about 4.45pm. I told Rach that we'll take them to Teluk Kemang. She was like "uh, where's that?" :D

We took the highway, so it was much faster. The instructions from Rach's friend was, "at roundabout turn left and you'll reach Teluk Kemang in no time." True enough after the roundabout, not 5 minutes later we reached our destination. :)

So here we are. It was already nearly 6pm. The sea was calm, unlike the other day.

At first we rented 2 tubes at RM5 each for Bri and En because they can't swim. Later, En gave Arn her tube and went to get another one for herself. So sweet of her. :)

I don't know.. but it seems as though that a trip to the beach is not complete if you don't do the following -

a) Swim in the sea
b) Build a sand castle or attempt to do one
c) Walk a certain length on the beach collecting seashells

So yeah, the three of them attempted to build a sand castle, but I guessed the sea was calling out to them. They went back to swim again.

Ahh.. a deep heart carved out by Arn. :)

We walked along the beach looking for seashells. Much to En's disappointment, there weren't many. We gave up after 10 or 15 minutes and the kids went to swim again. They were having so much fun and time just slipped by so fast that soon it was time to leave. At about 7.30pm, Rach was quite concern that it was getting dark and there weren't many people on the beach. She asked us all to take a shower and pack up. Oh well. :)

We packed some otak-otak back home. We found out that Bri loves otak-otak. He was begging for them in the car but we told him that he could only eat them once he's back home.

It was truly a fun evening. I guessed all of us were quite satisfied with today. We were back home by 9pm. Tiring but fun.

I wonder when will be our next PD trip. :) Looking forward to it. :D

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