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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aspirers 28th Anniversary- Masterchef Competition 2011

I have never heard of Masterchef until the Aspirers decided to have a little cooking competition for their 28th Anniversary.

It seems that when the idea was first brought forward by one of the committee members (and supported by others), Anne, the youth leader was not really all for it. She was concerned about the lack of interest and non-participation of the youths since, well, youths these days don't cook. Not only that, Anne was not in town most of the time and she didn't think she had time to organise and look into all those minute details.

I guessed the committee members managed to convince her that it will work and she should learn how to let go and leave everything in their very capable hands. :)

So, with the approval from Anne, the committee had about 5 weeks to plan. During the 1st meeting, Jian, one of the committee members said he was still quite relax and calm. He was expecting only about 5 teams to participate. "Controllable," he must have thought. Well, he should aim for a higher number because it's always best to expect the unexpected. :)

By the end of the registration period, 13 teams registered. By then the committees were frantically looking for portable stoves and gas tanks. It was kinda difficult to get these from people who has them coz duhhh, they use them everyday. :)

Okay, during the registration period, each team were given a group registration form with guidelines attached to it.

The guidelines were :

1. We will be preparing the following for you:
a. Oil, salt and pepper
b. 2 eggs
c. Onion and garlic
d. Potatoes and carrots utensils
e. Stove and gas and a shared oven.

2. You are required to bring your own necessary utensils (i.e. pot, pan, knives,chopping board, bowls, fork, etc)

3. You will have a full hour to prepare one appetizer and one main dish (Note: plan with your team ahead of time so that you know what ingredients and utensils you need to bring)

4. A secret ingredient will be revealed on that day which you MUST add into every dish.

5. We will be giving out awards for the "Best Food", Best Team" and "Most Creative Dish".

6. Please be in Agape by 4.30pm on the 3rd of July 2011 in order to set up your stations.

So, at 5pm....

Joel Jaya and Jian were the emcees for the day.

Introducing the three judges - Aunt Chris, Uncle Dick and Pastor Ben.

Okay, everyone, DO NOT START FIRST, we are about to reveal the secret ingredient," says Jian. " I want one of you from each team to come here and get the ingredient".

13 team members came forward to grab a packet of........

err..... mushrooms????

Becky's wondering how to incorporate these enokitake (long thin white mushrooms) with her Chef's salad (appetizer) and Carbonara (main dish).

Group name : Royal Smallies
Group Leader : Sarah Tang
Members : Rebecca, Kennysha, Faith, Brian Lourds

Food prepared by the Royal Smallies. Pasta & Garlic bread? not sure.

Group name : Noobcooker
Group Leader : Becky
Members : Justin, Pei Wen, Shaphan, Arnold

Food prepared by the Noobcookers. Carbonara and Chef's salad.

Group name : Salt and Pepper
Group Leader : Reuben
Members : William, Chee Hoe, Jing Jing, Melissa

Food prepared by Salt & Pepper.

Group name : Mushi Bear
Group Leader : Arthur
Members : Asher, Aiden, Juen Kiet, Jin Han

Food prepared by the Mushi Bear.

Group name : Diz Paulians
Group Leader : Joel J
Members : Karlson, Dhivvian, Thiviyan

Food prepared by Diz Paulians.

Group name : Lim Kok Wang
Group Leader : Matthew
Members : Tian Lee, Michelle, Elaine, Kimberly

Food prepared by Lim Kok Wang.

Group name : The Form 1's, Chris & Az
Group Leader : Jared
Members : Martin, Shane, Chris, Azriel (Absent).

Food prepared by the Form 1's, Chris & Az.

Group name : The Spirit of Chef
Group Leader : Jeah Hueey
Members : Jeah En, Daarsyanita, Ze Lin, Ze Ting

Food prepared by the Spirit of Chef.

Group name : Super Chris-py Loh-Tee
Group Leader : Debra
Members : Grace, Chrissie, Pei Rinn, Yi Qing

Food prepared by the Super Chris-py Loh-Tee

Group name : Royal Angels
Group Leader : Shem
Members : Amos, David, Rehgoel

Food prepared by the Royal Angels. Fried rice and carrot juice.

Group name : Jokers
Group Leader : Priyanka
Members : Rozelle, Rita, Prissie

Food prepared by the Jokers. Pizza & mushroom soup.

Group name : Krazy Kookers
Group Leader : Becca
Members : Stephanie, Shawn, Larissa, Joel C

Food prepared by the Krazy Kookers. Boom-ba-da-boom & THE BED.

Group name : Sushi
Group Leader : Akane
Members : Megumi, Alisa, Samantha, Joel L

Food prepared by Sushi.

Here you are, the 13 teams displaying their hidden talents.

The judges had a tough time deciding.

Each team had to describe the food they prepared and the ingredients they used in their dishes.

A little sarong dance from the emcees. They were supposed to prepare a surprise dish but there wasn't enough time.

Those who weren't participating, had a good time roasting their marshmallows.

It was an exciting evening. I do not know the name of most dishes and some were made up by the team members. I will try to add a video here some time soon.

I didn't stay when the judges gave the verdict but I received an sms later from a reliable source that the awards went to the following group : -

Best Food - Lim Kok Wang
Best Team - Super Chris-py Loh-Tee
Most Creative Dish - Krazy Kookers

The event finished at 8.30pm, 1.5 hours later than planned.

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in my defense i was concern about logistics kay! lol. i imagined the setup complicated plus a bit dangerous! :) but thank GOd my dad helped a LOT in that area! :)