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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aspirers - The Next Level

Aspirers is finally moving from the chapel to ARC, the bungalow right behind our church. Anne, the youth leader was especially pleased about the move. It means, more space to grow since the chapel is really cramped for space.

They started their move at 4pm in the chapel. After reminiscing about how far Aspirers had come up to this stage, they were ready to leave the chapel which they called "home" for 5 years.

They even SEALED the entrance. NO TURNING BACK!! 

Walking towards the new bungalow.

Pastor Sally officiated the opening of the new Aspirers place by cutting the ribbon. It is a 2.5 storey bungalow and Aspirers will only be using the 1st floor.

Aspirers entering the hall after Pastor Sally and Anne.

First worship and pray in this place. There were about um... 70 people and the place looked cramped to me. The hall is small, but there's another hall at the other end of the floor and the compound outside this floor is big. 

Makan time. Too many people, not enough food, or maybe the Youths were just too hungry. :D

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