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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bukit Kepayang on a Misty Morning

Today we went to Bukit Kepayang for a hike. (In fact,at every opportunity we get, we will hike at Bukit K). It rained yesterday and it was misty this morning. We were suppose to hike up Gunung Datuk, but there was a gotong royong (spring cleaning) in our church at 9.30am. A few of our climbing team members went to Gunung Datuk, but Rachel and I wanted to help in the church.
Anyway, back to this Bukit Kepayang.... we were enjoying the cool air... etc, and suddenly, we saw other hikers putting up this long string of fire crackers. We were fascinated and decided to stay for a while to watch them light the fire crackers.

It was a fifty feet fire cracker. We knew it would be loud (and would also pollute the clean air), so we left a minute after they lit up the fire crackers.


deck said...

Hi, I've just moved in to S2, at the single storey houses in Garden Homes. I'd like some help finding Bukit Kepayang as it doesn't appear on Google Maps and not many websites list it. My wife and I are just looking for a convenient place to train for climbing a bit. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

euniceta said...

Hi wankongyew,
Email me at euniceta@hotmail.com. We go there like once a week.

Ramesh said...

Hai, I was recently told about bukit kepayang trekking. I am new to the mountain climbing arena and would like to do some training here. Could you describe how to find the entrance to this place?

euniceta said...

Hi Ramesh,
Can you email your number to my hotmail account. euniceta@hotmail.com

I will contact you.