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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have a Nice Vacation!

Matt & Minch are going to New Zealand. Minch will be there for 2 weeks and Matt, for 3 months. Why? Because Minch has to work, and Matt is currently jobless.

So, we were told to pick them up at 5.45pm. I was amazed at the 1 huge bag,1 medium sized bag, 1 hand luggage and a knapsack that they were going to bring. I was so certain that they would only bring less than a medium sized luggage. (They did that for their US trip). They explained to me that the contents in the bigger bag did not belong to them - they were only helping to bring them over. Their belongings were in the medium sized bag. Phew!! Same old Matt and Minch.

So, when we got to the airport, they checked in and we headed staight to Burger King. (Our standard "cab fare" is usually a meal at burger king's). Just when we finished the last bite of our meal, Minch started checking the contents in the hand luggage. She checked her wallet first and took out a few cards which she thought she might not use. She passed the following to me - 1 Maybankard, 1 Ikea credit card, 1 sogo card and 1 more card which I don't recognised. Then she checked the luggage again and came out with 2 expired passports. After confirming with Matt, she passed them to me for safe keeping.

Then she saw the 40Days of community book and well... passed it to me too. She spotted a purse... and that went into my bag too.

There were a pair of Timberland shoes belonging to Matt. Minch is convinced that he wouldn't wear them. He said he would. So we left it as it was.

We parted ways when we got to the elevator. I told Minch, if she want to pass anymore stuff to me, this was her last chance. I was already in the elevator when I told her that. When I got off the elevator, my phone rang. Minch was on the line asking me to stop where I was, she wanted to pass me the shoes. :)

Here's Matt taking out the shoes from the cabin luggage.

The stuff I brought back for them.

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