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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mt Kinabalu - March08 team Experience

We had a Hi-tea cum sharing-the-Mt Kinabalu-experience in one of the team member's house. The purpose of this meeting was to let the March team share their experiences with the July team. There were 10 climbers in the March group. Only 5 came for the meeting.

First we had Danny share with us his experience. He was the only person who didn't make it to the top, so naturally we wanted to know what had happened to him. He was sick even at the beginning of the climb. He mentioned that the last 2 km to Laban Rata was the toughest. He and Edwin, his climb partner, stopped every 3 steps because it was steep and there were a lot of rocks. He prayed for strength and kept going on. The last 1 km, the porter saw that he was struggling and volunteered to carry his bag. That relieved him a bit and he managed to make it to the Laban Rata Resthouse. Overall, he enjoyed he climb, the scenery was beautiful and he took many pictures.

Then Desmond came to the front and basically told us what to bring or wear and the dangers of not having them. He said that the rope section was the most scary part. There are many more things he said, but I can't remember.

Then it was Lawrence's turn. He didn't say much because Danny and Desmond old most of it already. But he did mentioned that he sprained his leg and had to be carried down by 3 porters. They charged RM120.00 per KM.

Peter Lai, who went to Mt Kinabalu in Sept 07 told us of his experience too.

Peter Lim brought all the mountain climbing gear and briefed us on the type of clothes to wear.

KG added in some and closed the meeting.

We adjourned to the kitchen and had a good time fellowshipping with each other over tea.

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