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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day In KL

After running an errand for my brother-in-law, I went to KLCC. I wanted to check out the Book Fest at the KL Convention Centre. It was already 2pm. I had so much time to kill before meeting up with RW at 7pm. When I reach KLCC, I forgot about going to the Convention Centre. I was so bored. The sales weren't that great either. I even sms RW to skip her meeting and meet me for tea at KLCC. She was in Shah Alam at that time.

I went out to the park, took some pictures of the twin towers then came in again, wanted to eat ABC to pass time , but the prices had gone sky high. Then it started raining very heavily.

It rained so hard and yet many people were still loitering outside. Many of them were smoking. I went in again, walked aimlessly and suddenly remembered about the book fest in the Convention Centre. I headed towards the underground tunnel, got myself an entrance tag and went in expecting to come out at least RM200 poorer.

Ai yah... it was only the Popular Bookstore sales. I managed to spend about 2 hours there, bought 2 books - The Rockingdown Mystery by Enid Blyton and Dead Simple by Peter James. One had a 20% discount and the other only 15%. By 5.45 I was out of the halls . The sky had cleared and it drizzled slightly. I didn't want to go through the endless tunnel, so I walked out of the building towards the shopping area.

This was what it looks like after a heavy downpour. Like it never rained at all. Best was, the weather was cool.

At 6.26 pm I took the LRT to Kelana Jaya station and met RW at 7.28pm. She was late. I had to wait for 28 minutes, but it was alright. I had a book with me to pass time.
We went to SS2, lost our way for 5 minutes before reaching the square. I went to Salvation and Evengel to chck out a bible. I bought "The Message". It was on offer I think. RM50.00 only. Never seen it so cheap before. I grabbed the last copy.

We met my brother, and he was working. We went to the famous "Wai Sek Kai", had seafood rice for RM 7.00 and lala mee hoon for RM5.00, stall number 69. It was tasty, but we were very thirsty after that. Too much MSG.

Later we got the wine bags from my brother and hit off to Seremban at 9.45pm.


Rachel said...

I heard from my boss that the books at the Book Fest were SO cheap - some good titles were at 50% discount. I regretted not making the time to go ... but then again, maybe it was a good idea that I didn't go cause I "know" I will spend a few hundred Ringgit there.

As for "The Message", you should've bought one for me (the NIV/The Message 2-in-1 Bible) :)

euniceta said...

Our Popular Seremban do have just as good discounts as the 2008 Book Fest. But since I was waiting for time to pass and had nothing better to do, I didn't mind spending the RM2.00 for the entrance fee.

As for "The message", I got it from Evangel- SS2.You can also get it from Salvation, but it's more expensive.

mfwrachel said...

alamak.. u actually counted how long i was late.. So sorry lar... I had whole day meeting. :p