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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Painting for Kidz Safari Carnival - Part 1

Yup! We've been busy painting. The Kidz safari is 2 weeks plus away and we are busy getting all the animal games ready. The starting part is always the hardest. After 2 rounds of Bukit Kepayang and a good breakfast at FS, we were recharged. We started off with the bigger animals first. Two days ago, I helped draw lines for Rachel. She needed the square boxes to create a bigger picture from the original. We learned this in school. Guess we are still using the old fashion method.

Rachel drew the animals onto 3 plywood, each plywood measured at 4 X 8 feet.

Rachel started off by painting the grassy areas. She let me paint the menial ones like white washing the background with yellow, and later green. My mother helped by colouring the leaves. Aunty Chris helped by drawing lines, and later cleaned Rachel's kitchen. She complained that the maid did not do a good job in Rachel's house. So she proceeded by cleaning the sink area first, and later the kitchen table top and kitchen cabinet. Sze-En helped by painting the sign boards and wiping the paint-stained tiles. Rachel made her clean up because she was playing with the paint. I painted the baby elephant and part of the big elephant.Then I was summoned to get the giraffe from another place.

We finished at about 6pm.

Here's the end results. I forgot to take the picture before we kept them apart.

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