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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What happened on My Baking Day

I finally got my portable oven back from my friend. My sister and her husband will be going to Hong Kong tomorrow and they planned to stay with Paul & Hazel. I suddenly thought of baking something for them but I realized that my oven was with Minch. So on Sunday I went over to her house to get it.

But you know, a small portable oven can only do so much (no complains though, the oven was given by Ruth and it's very good). I have to bake one small tray at a time. Feeling generous I decided to make extra for my other friends. This means more time spent on waiting. So what I did was to set up my laptop near the baking area to MSN and FB. :) And hey, I managed to help someone with his openoffice problem (with the help of another person lah) via MSN/Skype.

Half way through baking I had to go and see the dentist. My tooth was aching the night before. It was so bad that I cried. Somehow I managed to have a proper's night rest and thank God the pain was no longer there in the morning. But that doesn't mean that my tooth problem was gone.

So at almost 4pm I went to see my regular dentist. He shook his head and gave me two choices with what I wanted to do with my tooth. Either to extract it (which he strongly recommended) or to do a root canal. Being vain, I told him to try and save it. And so he did.

By 4.40pm, I was out of the clinic and I did some window shopping and then had a drink with Mctc and a close friend. By the time I reached home, it was about 7.30pm. I continued the last of my baking and started cleaning up.

So these are the shortbread cookies I made for my friends. I have some leftovers and hope it will last till my climb to Broga next week. :)


korpun said...

What on earth is a portable owen???

Unknown said...

like a portable radio....one can carry it everywhere, not attached to cabinets, etc. a quarter size of a normal oven...somebody correct me if i am wrong...

za said...

Hello there..
I have the same problem as you now.

where did you do your root canal?

please help me out.. i'm dying of this pain..