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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Impromptu Trip to PD

It all started when I saw RW online on FB.

Our conversation went like this : -

Me - Where are you?

RW - at home

Me - tmrw spanish food?

RW - wanna go lake garden now?
2molo got dinner wor... i see u no invite me :-(

Me - now? Im at home weii

RW - if 4pm, we talk, maybe still ok? now too late?

Me - yeah... want to lepak or smtg?

RW - when? where?

Me - now... anywhere.. go pd? :p

RW - just 2 of us? who else? now? serious?

Me - now lah, yes lah

RW - i can pack and go now!! fetch u from ur house?

Me - come..

RW - i log off now lor...

It was late. I didn't intend to swim, so I wore a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. We left my house about 5.45pm?! We took the old way to PD. It was a pleasant drive and we even saw a beautiful half circle rainbow. What a treat. :)

Of all days for an impromptu trip to PD, we had to chose this day, a public holiday!!.

The trunk road was narrow and full of cars. Even the proper car parks were packed with cars and we could see long rows of cars parked at both sides of the road.

We were driving aimlessly, not sure which beach to bum. RW said that her mom suggested to go to Teluk Kemang. I honestly had no idea what and where is Teluk Kemang. We just followed the signboard and after quite a distance, we reached Teluk Kemang and I don't know what made us think that it was THE place, but we saw so many cars there at the parking lot and we went in to look for a parking space. Fortunately, a car was pulling out just as we came in.

Ahh, two signboards confirming that this is the right place. :)

One of the most beautiful sunset I've seen for quite sometime.

Like SERIOUSLY!! It was nearly 7pm at that time. The tide was coming in real quick. The waves were unexceptionally high.

There were lots of people. Oh how I wished we came earlier. It was a nice day for a swim.

The waves kept rolling in. This little boy was having the time of his life.

RW's shoes. She took them off and kept it at a safe distance, but soon the waves came sweeping her shoes off. She put them on a higher ground again, but the waves kept coming. Finally, she placed them on a much higher ground and began snapping pics of the sunset.

We decided to have dinner here. Too bad the stalls weren't at the seaside. We had satay, otak-otak, mee goreng and mee bandung.

RW was so hungry that she nearly ordered a burger while waiting for her noodles to arrive. Fortunately, she didn't because by the time we finished our food, we were full. :)

After Teluk Kemang, we went to other public beaches, but the waves there were not so high. We took some photos and left PD at about 9.45pm.

It was an interesting outing. We should do this more often. :)

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