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Saturday, August 20, 2011


My sister and I were once volleyball school players. Even after we left school, we still played every now and then.

I think the last time I played in a real game was 10 years ago.

I played for my company in the year 1999 and 2001. They had the sports event every two years. Come to think of it, if we didn't win any medal, I would have forgotten that I played at all for my company.

As far as I can remember, I always had a personal volleyball ball (hmmm, you get what I mean) during my Secondary school days, since I was in Form 2 if I'm not mistaken. It was always shared with my sister. And when the ball got out of shaped (always due to them being rolled under a car), we would get another one, though maybe not immediately.

After our final exams in Secondary School (High School), we didn't play much and soon when the ball was old and worn, we threw that away but never got another.

This year, during our Kids' Sleepover party in March, we played volleyball with a BASKETBALL after the children went to sleep. There weren't any net, just passing the ball from one person to another- volleyball style.

Our forearms hurt like crazy.

It was then that we decided to get a volleyball, a cheap one. Cost only RM30. :)
Oh, we did ask about the Mikasa volleyball, a very famous brand during our time (and still is, I presume). It was priced at over RM200 now! Used to be worth only RM40.

So here's our brand new ball. Looks good and it was easy on the forearms. We didn't play with it until during church camp in May.

We only played 1 session.. and look what happen to the ball....

It got torn at the seams. :(
I think the guys did some kicking with it too, so yeah.

It was still "playable", but the direction of the ball wasn't accurate.

Then, a friend from US came to visit. It was her summer holidays and every year she comes back to see her relatives. It seems she played volleyball for her school and she wanted to practise her serving.

My sis discussed with me and we decided to get another ball.

So, we went back to the same shop again and told the shopkeeper what happened to the first ball. He was sympathetic and introduced another brand, a slightly more expensive one. I noticed, this ball has a bar code stamped on it. :D

We played only once with this ball, so let's just see how long this ball lasts. :)


Anonymous said...

Should last forever... did you know this:

euniceta said...

I hope it does last forever.
The ball I mean. :)