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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aspirers White Christmas Party 2011

Remember the gingerbread house trial run I blogged about last month? So, today's the day where I have to set up all my houses. I made 8 houses, but 1 wall broke, so I'm left with 7. 

My sis and I came early to church to set up the houses. I have 42 pieces of cutout walls and roofs waiting to be divided and matched. The day before I called Becky and Liz to come early today to help too.

Later, other youths like Shaphan, Sarah and Rebecca came to help too. 

The makan table laden with yummy food. :D

The Aspirers just shifted to this place and so far they haven't experienced having any programs at night. So when it was 7.30pm, everyone expected the lights to automatically on as they were told that the porch lights were on timer mode. Justin and Lynne were kind enough to shed some light with their iphones while Frankie helped set up a make-shift light using an old spotlight.

The youths were enjoying themselves decorating the gingerbread houses and gingerbread men/women.

There were other activities too which includes taking a pic with Mr Snowman and Nature Art.

My houses were destroyed by Jared and Martin. :(

Most of the houses ended up in the garbage bag.  All my hard work.. sigh...

The party ended slightly after 10pm. There were more than 100 youths who came for the party but by the end of the day, only a handful of them stayed back to help clean the place. 

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