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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My New FREE Toy

So yeah, this is my new toy - HTC Desire S. I got it free from my service provider. :)

I was asked to go to designated place to collect it. I thought maybe I'll go there early, collect it and get back to work again. I was probably an hour early, but after meeting up with people who were there much earlier, I didn't have hope of leaving the place any time soon. They were there 2 hours earlier and the was no sign of their names or any other names being called.

Finally, after more than 3 hours of waiting, I got my phone.It was awesome. My first touch screen phone.

It was 5pm when I left the collection place. I promised to go for a movie with Chee Hoe and we pulled Arnold and Rachel along too. Arnold was reluctant because he has already seen the movie, Puss In Boots, with his cousins. Anyway, we managed to persuade him to watch with us.:)

After the movie, we went for dinner in Johnny's Restaurant. We had steamboat and an a la carte fried rice. Arnold also got the same phone that day, and we played with the phones till it ran out of juice.

One thing about HTC Desire S phones... they run out of battery quite fast and you'll always need to have a backup battery or  a phone battery charger. I can't complain because the phone is free. :)

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