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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dragon Fruit Farm

My first taste of the dragon fruit (white) was about 7 0r 8 years back. It looked horrible.. white flesh with black dots, how could anyone eat that ugly looking fruit? The name itself was interesting enough and since I had never eaten one before, I took a slice and.. at this moment I can't recall what I thought about it. All I know was, I am not attracted to the fruit as compared with other fruits.

A few years ago.. I think it was Minch who introduced the red (actual colour is more of reddish-purplish) dragon fruit to me. I took a bite and fell in love with it.

The fruit is expensive.. the good ones cost RM8 per kilo. Averagely it cost RM5-6 per fruit. There are also the cheaper ones.. but it may be sour, so usually I'll try to get the big ones.

Everytime Minch goes to her mom's place she has to pass through some dragon fruit farm. Last weekend I decided to accompany her to visit her mom.

We passed by a farm and stop to get some dragon fruit. The lady in charged allowed us to take pics of her farm. The plant looked scary to me. Just imagine that all the plants were octopuses.... scary right?!

The flower and fruit.

The fruit.

It will end up looking like this. Purplish in colour.

And the flesh looks like this. Not very interesting to look at, but the taste good. The farmers sell cheaper at their farm. We bought 8 fruits for RM25. We also bought some smaller ones for Aunt Christ to make enzyme. Those cost RM15 for about 7pcs.

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Anonymous said...

I recognise that fruit, I've tasted it somewhere but didn't know the name. Here we don't have those :(