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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Long Awaited Evening

Our trip to PD was postponed twice. See, you must never PLAN to go to PD. It has to be a spur-of-the-moment kind of decision. We were supposed to go 3 Sundays ago, but Brian had guests from America and Sze-En... I'm not sure why. 2 Sundays ago, Wayne was sick. Last Sunday, Matt had a meeting from 2-4pm and Rachel had to bring her aunt for shopping. Yep, we were busy that day, but we made it to the beach.

This time, Om was with us. Sze-En had too much school work to do and she had to forgo this trip.

Rach and I bought 2 floats for Brian and Sze-En while we were in Kuantan a few months ago. Last week, I went to Tesco and bought a smaller float and a beach ball for Wayne. We reached PD at about 5pm. There was no sun and we didn't have to put on the sun block lotion.

We asked Om and Brian to build a moat while Rach and I pump air into the floats. It was a difficult task. Wayne came much later with his dad. He was so happy here, but later the father made him change into a proper swimming costume. That's when he started screaming and tried not to wear the costume. It took 3 of us to put on the costume for him.

Om, she wanted us to bury her body with sand. She was really happy. She has never been to the beach before and you can imagine her letting go of herself. The whole time, she screamed joyfully, till Minch got a little fed-up with her.

Minch brought a kite too, but it wasn't very windy.

Ah.. Brian sitting on the float and feeling relaxed as the waves pushed him to the shore. Om was a little too heavy for the float and she kept falling off it. Hmm... maybe because she was too wiggly.

Brian was scared of the small sea creatures and at one period of time refused to go into the sea. Later, someone suggested swimming in the pool and Brian happily agreed. Sigh what a waste. The sea is much more fun than the swimming pool.

I did not take many pictures because my camera has run out of battery.

We left the beach at about 7pm.

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