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Monday, August 10, 2009

Impromptu Shopping Spree

Two days ago I went for my morning walk with RW. We didn't call Minch this time but she was there with Matt. They came much later and left about the same time as us. We decided to have breakfast at Matt's favourite coffee shop in Rahang. The usual questions were asked by Minch and one of them was what would we be doing after breakfast. I had to do some housework and RW had other plans. Minch suggested going shopping in KL. I was alright with it because I could do my house chores on Tuesday. RW said she doesn't mind going to KL with us too.

So we went back to bathe and met up again in town. Matt had to go to work so he didn't join in our shopping spree. Minch brought Om along too, so the 4 of us headed to the highway not knowing which shopping mall we wanted to invade.

In the end, we went to Mid Valley because it's one place we were so familiar and there were specific things we wanted to check out.

Whenever I shop I always look out for shoes. My shoes last for about 3 months most of the time.

It looks great, but after much walking I get blisters.. sigh.. I wanted this to be my walking shoes. :) Looks like I have to get another pair of proper walking shoes..

We spent more than 6 hours in the mall. It was fun, just to walk around and check out the things there. We saw moon cakes being sold right in front of the Jusco supermarket. This means that the mooncake festival is just around the corner. My, how time flies...

We reached home at about 7pm. I had a lovely time and was so exhausted that I slept as early as 9pm that day.

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mfwrachel said...

Hey... u talking about food again... temptations...