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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Souvenirs From Hawaii

My sister is back from Hawaii. This is her 2nd trip there. This time I didn't really expect much souvenirs from her because she should have all the interesting gifts covered during her first trip. :)

She got me these :-

A pink T-shirt, a um whatchamacallit waterproof container, a short stainless steel cup, a mote pad, a hair-clip, an ANTI-BOTTLE, and a pair of create-any-pattern-you-like sandals. 

I find 3 items interesting :-

The waterproof container is practical for our PD outings.
The anti-bottle is a flexible container that stands when it's full and folds when it's empty.
The sandals. With just a pair of rubberize soles, strings and patterned hooks you can create so many designs.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty in pink!