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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chap Goh Mei 2009

We celebrated Chap Goh Mei one day early this year. Well, usually we will celebrate the weekend before the last day of CNY and this year happens to be the 14th day of CNY. Actually if you noticed my older posts you'll realized that we find any excuse to get together and makan (eat).

We started off with Lo Sang.

The food was cooked by all the aunties. Each brought a dish or 2. My mom cooked 3 dishes, Rachel made the sardine cutlets and I made chocolate brownies. Prior to this week, Aunt Annie asked (at least 3 times on separate days) if I was going to make any desserts. I said no because usually the main dishes were so good that many would be to full to have desserts.

On Sunday, the day of our celebration, I invited Dan and Patty to our feast. It was then that I'd decided to make the brownies. I baked it in my mom's house and asked Tusi to help me with lighting the fire in the older-than-me oven. When I was done with the batter, I put it in the cake tin and into the oven without realizing that the oven was set at 300 degrees celcius. After the stipulated baking time, I opened the oven door and to my horror, the cake looked shrunken and over-baked.

It looks worse than this, ya.
Since there was no burnt smell and the cake was more crispy than it should be, I thought I would just bring it to the party and if nobody wants them then I would throw them away into the rubbish bin.
To my surprise, many complimented me on the brownies. I told them that it was over-baked but they still liked the cake. Thompson even said he preferred this texture.

My brother's (yes, I do have a brother, although many of you have not met him before) birthday happens to be on the day we had the party, so we made him come back from PJ so that we could sing him a birthday song. :)


Jian said...

yerrr...i can see those chocolate muffins again..xD

euniceta said...

Jian - they are not muffins.