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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day Out with Dan & Patty

They have seen most of Penang, Malacca and KL. Where else to bring them?

We went to Mid Valley, a famous shopping complex in KL. Yeah, sounds boring right? Anyway, we thought that if we could come back early we could go to Jerom Toi to see the waterfalls.

Another disappointment. It was the 15th day of CNY. WHERE ARE ALL THE CNY DECORATIONS??!!!

We spent most of our time in bookstores,namely Borders and MPH. Then we went for our lunch...LATE lunch because it was already 3.30pm when we were done with the bookstores. We ate in Madam Kwan's and had some local food. Dan had nasi lemak with chicken curry, Patty had curry laksa, Esther had asam laksa and I had Char Kueh Teow. My Char Kuey Teow didn't taste as good as the ones by the roadside.

After lunch we went back to Seremban.

On the way we stopped by at the Nilai Memorial Park... just to "look see look see".

It was already almost 6pm when we reached Seremban and it was too late to bring them to Jeram Toi since we needed another half an hour to get there and by that time it would be too dark to take pictures.

We ended up eating in my mother's house and later Esther took them back to Frankie's place.

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