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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jeram Toi

On Tuesday morning, Dan smsed Mctc asking if there were any plans lined up for them that afternoon. Mctc was feeling sick so we did one thing at a time. We agreed to take them out for lunch. Since they love Malaysian food so much and could take spicy dishes, we thought Curry Leaf would be a good choice.

So after lunch, we took them to Jeram Toi. Not very far from Seremban, probably about 30 minutes drive from err... the police station or bomba (fire brigade) in Rahang.

First sight - Wasn't that impressive because there wasn't much rain for the past few weeks.

The waterfalls (there should be 7 waterfalls but we saw only 3, mainly because we didn't explore deeper into the jungle) lead to this big man-made pool and which leads to this -

.... a knee-deep pool for children with slides (the red thingy) to double their fun.

You can take the stairs and walk up to a certain height.. or you can....

... climb up the slippery rocks like what some crazy Americans did a few years ago. (No offense Keith, you guys are simply amazing!) :)

As we walked up the stairs (yup, we went up the civilized way), we saw another waterfall. What a beautiful sight.

View from the top of the stairs.

View of the bottom taken from mid point. You can see the big man-made pool from there.

View of the 1st waterfall.

A video clip of Jeram Toi.


Entrance to Jeram Toi.

This girl and her brother were so excited to see us (well, maybe they were more excited to see Dan and Patty) and kept wanting us to take pictures of them.

We were there for about an hour just enjoying the cool air and good shade by the surrounding trees. It was a perfect place to read, swim, have a family picnic or even bring your date here for some... hehe.
If I were staying around this area, I would spend most of my free time here.

After that we took Dan and Patty back to Seremban intending to leave them at the KTM station so that they could take the train to KL to meet another group of friends. They said it was still too early and so we took them to Top Curry House to have a drink. Then we took them to church to get their plane tickets printed because apparently, they have not printed their e-ticket for the next day to Indonesia.

It was about 6pm when we finally said our goodbyes at the KTM station. We hope to see them again sometime... next year. :)

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