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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pre-climb Dinner

No, I'm not going to climb Mt Kinabalu this year.

Just before every Mt Kinabalu climb, we will organise a pre-climb dinner to introduce ourselves and to have a final briefing for every climber. Not all climbers knows each other, so this dinner is a a good time to introduce and get to know everyone.

Rachel and I were invited to the dinner. Not sure why, probably the organisers wanted us to blog about this event.. haha.

I think it's a good idea that that dinner is contributed by everyone in a sense that each brought something to the dinner table.

Look at all the good and yummy food. Rachel and I brought meatballs with potato and brown gravy. It was cooked my mom (or Tusi).

Dinner started at 7pm with a word of prayer by Peter Lai, who was also an invited guest since he won't be joining them in this climb.

So many people, so much food. The food was more than enough for 40 people and there were only about 30 of us.

Happily eating..

After dinner, Messner showed them a short video on Mt Kinabalu. It seems some movie stars from HK climbed Mt Kinabalu and was video taping the whole trip. Rachel and I watched this video when we first went in 2007.

After the video comes the briefing. Both Messner and Sirdar took turns to brief them of the coming climb and also to share their past experience.

Sirdar was well prepared to become the model to show the climbers on the importance of proper dressing up in the mountains. He brought a thick jacket with him too, but it was too warm to put in on, so he didn't. Otherwise you can see him in the whole outfit all ready to take on Mt Kinabalu.

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