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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3rd Breadmaker Machine

I'm beginning to feel fed-up (pity you guys too :)) about blogging on the Kenwood BM350 breadmaker machine but I just got to tell you this -

The salesman came yesterday and replaced the 2nd machine with the 3rd one. Mom tried making all kinds of bread - plain, seeded, cinnamon & raisins, potato and wholemeal.

All was good except for the wholemeal which looks like this -

The picture above shows 2 loaves of wholemeal bread. The bread on the left looks completely out of shape and hard as a rock while the one on the right looks weird but is edible. I'm going to have some for breakfast tomorrow morning since nobody wants to eat them. :)


Anonymous said...

Heheheh, a Malesian bread! You should not judge by the looks :) I would eat that (but I can eat anything)

We had bread machines ten years ago in Finland but nobody has any more. Just wonder why!


euniceta said...

Korpun - I just tried the ugly looking bread this morning. Didn't look too ugly after I have sliced it. :) It tasted salty.
Yes, we do have bread maker machines 10 years ago ( I think), but we didn't buy it then because it was too expensive.. and we weren't keen on breads then.